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    Taxonomy Code: YF-5000.1700-100

    A disorder arising in childhood or adolescence which is marked by an inability to learn or other functional deficits that cannot be explained by intellectual, sensory or health factors; an inability to build or maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships with peers, teachers and other adults; inappropriate types of behavior or feelings under normal circumstances; a general pervasive mood of unhappiness or depression; and a tendency to develop physical fears associated with school problems or other issues that is severe enough to adversely affect the child's educational performance or ability to engage in age-appropriate activities. Characteristics may include hyperactivity, aggression or self-injurious behavior, withdrawal, immaturity, and learning difficulties.

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    Service NameDescriptionLocationProgramAgency
    Adoption/Foster Care ServicesThe Therapeutic Family Programs provide foster care for traumatized and emotionally ill children, training and support for foster parents and support to the child's family of origin or legal guardian. Children having emotional or behavioral disorders are provided with treatment in a family setting, where they are both nurtured and taught social skills as part of their daily treatment. The aim is to return the child to the family of origin when possible, and when not, to prepare them for adoption.AlbanySPECIALIZED FOSTER CARE (SFC) AND FAMILY BASED TREATMENT (FBT)SAINT CATHERINE'S CENTER FOR CHILDREN
    Advisory/Advocacy ServicesFamily Advocacy staff are often parents of children with an emotional, social or behavioral disorder who facilitate support for children and families in the community, on local and state committees, and at conferences relating to children's mental health.ColumbiaFAMILY ADVOCACYMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
    Case/Care Management ServicesProvides case management services for families with children diagnosed with mental or emotional disabilities.ClintonCHILDREN AND YOUTH INTENSIVE CASE MANAGEMENT (ICM)BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
    Case/Care Management ServicesThe Case Management program is designed to serve severely and persistently mentally ill and seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. This 24-hour-a-day program provides aggressive outreach and support to individuals who either overuse emergency room and inpatient services or drop out of services. A separate team serves children at risk of hospitalization or placement. The program has the capacity to provide wrap around services. Access is by referral from an outpatient treatment program.RensselaerHEALTH HOME/CARE COORDINATION SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTSRENSSELAER COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH
    Case/Care Management ServicesServices include: Intensive and supportive case management services for children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbance who are at risk for hospitalization and to their families. Crisis management and linkage to community resources. Advocacy and support to help child and family obtain services.AlbanyMENTAL HEALTH CASE MANAGEMENTALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT FOR CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    Education ServicesThe Neil Hellman School is certified by the New York Department of Education as a special education facility serving residential and day students with serious emotional and behavioral disorders. The school is comprised of elementary, middle, and high school programs and is authorized by New York State to award Regents and Local Diplomas as well as the Career Development and Occupational Studies Certificate (CDOS) to its graduates. Students who attend NHS have displayed significant behavioral/emotional problems in previous educational placements. Some have been recently discharged from inpatient hospitalization for psychiatric disorders and require a transitional placement before returning to their home school. All have a special education school classification and although the majority are classified as emotionally disturbed, many students are classified as multiply handicapped or learning disabled.AlbanyNEIL HELLMAN SCHOOL (NHS)PARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Health/Medical Care ServicesBridges to Health (B2H) is an OCFS Medicaid Waiver Program that provides supplementary services to children in foster care. These services are specifically tailored to support the health and well-being of children in foster care with a serious emotional disturbance, developmental disability, or medical fragility. Northeast provides Health Care Integration and home/ community based services.SchenectadyBRIDGES TO HEALTH OCFS HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED WAIVER (B2H) FOSTER CARE PROGRAMNORTHEAST PARENT AND CHILD SOCIETY
    Health/Medical Care ServicesParsons Child and Family Center and area School Districts are partnering in delivering school based behavioral health services at designated school sites. These projects are designed to provide services to school aged-children who have emotional or behavioral needs, as well as provide support to the families of these children.AlbanySCHOOL BASED BEHAVIORAL HEALTHPARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Information/Referral ServicesFUN is a family-driven family support organization that provides support, information and advocacy to Albany County families who are raising children with serious emotional disturbance. FUN staff are all parents of children (some who are grown) who have serious emotional disturbance and provide peer to peer support. Services include a bi-weekly support group, information and referral services, training for parents and for providers, social activities, annual public awareness campaign, and individual and systems advocacy within the Albany County child-serving systems and agencies.AlbanyFAMILIES UNITED NETWORK (FUN)PARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Information/Referral ServicesSingle Point of Access (SPOA) for children's mental health treatment offers, Access to community-based mental health services for highest risk, highest need children and adolescents who are at risk for out of home placement due to their multi-system needs. Access to high end case management services ICM, SCM, CTT, and Waiver. Access to Family-Based Treatment, community residences, and residential treatment facilities.AlbanySINGLE POINT OF ACCESS (SPOA)ALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT FOR CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    Mental Health ServicesOffers outpatient mental health treatment services for seriously emotionally disturbed children and their families. Also provides school-based services on-site at 11 different schools in local districts. Services include comprehensive mental health assessment, individual and family therapy, psychiatric consultation and medication management, and referral to adjunct services.ClintonCHILD AND FAMILY CLINICBEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
    Mental Health ServicesChildren’s Mental Health Division is committed to Safety, Recovery, and Family Preservation for children in partnership with families and the community. The diverse array of individualized treatment options includes crisis support, evaluation, on-going services, and community referrals.AlbanyCHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH DIVISIONALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT FOR CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    Mental Health ServicesOrissa Healy House is an 8-bed crisis community residence program licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health, serving male and female children aged 5 through 12 who are experiencing a situational crisis and have a mental health diagnosis at the time of admission. The goal of the program is to restore family equilibrium and avoid psychiatric hospitalization by providing up to three weeks of out-of-home placement for the child. The children work on individualized treatment goals and return to their parents after three weeks time. This service provides children with a short term out-of-home placement while they work toward stabilization and eliminating the need for a psychiatric hospitalization.AlbanyORISSA HEALY HOUSE CRISIS COMMUNITY RESIDENCEPARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Mental Health ServicesThe Day Treatment Program at the R. & E. May School provides a uniquely integrated set of educational and mental health services to school age youngsters who demonstrate a significant impairment in social and emotional development. Educational and mental health staff work side-by-side to carefully tailor a therapeutic experience within an educational setting. AlbanyR & E MAY SCHOOL/DAY TREATMENTSAINT CATHERINE'S CENTER FOR CHILDREN
    Mental Health ServicesParsons Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) provides integrated residential mental health services to youth between the ages of 12-21 who have been identified as manifesting serious emotional and functional disturbances. The overall aim of an RTF admission is to reduce symptomatology and improve functioning to allow the youth to return to his/her family or to a less restrictive setting. RTF admissions are voluntary in nature.AlbanyRESIDENTIAL TREATMENT FACILITY (RTF)PARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Mental Health ServicesDay Treatment students live at home while they attend the School at Northeast and receive intensive counseling and clinical support from professional staff at the Student Counseling Center, which is located next to the school. The school is a co-ed special education program serving grades 6-12. This program offers highly individualized, education, job opportunities, work experience (subsidized and unsubsidized). These students have struggled in a traditional public school setting and come to receive the support they need to graduate from high school. Therapeutic services include individual and group counseling, family counseling, comprehensive assessment, case management, transition planning, crisis management, and social and independent living skill building, and are provided to address factors in the students' lives that interfere with their ability to succeed in school and the community.SchenectadySCHOOL AT NORTHEAST DAY TREATMENTNORTHEAST PARENT AND CHILD SOCIETY
    Mental Health ServicesComprehensive mental hygiene care is provided to youngsters from birth to age 18. Services include sexual abuse evaluation and treatment. Counseling, medication and case management services are provided to developmentally disabled children. RensselaerUNIFIED SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTSRENSSELAER COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH
    Parent/Family Support ServicesThe Child Guidance Center is a licensed outpatient mental health treatment program offering individual and family therapy to children with impaired emotional-behavioral functioning and psychiatric difficulties. Emotional well-being screenings and assessments, psychiatric evaluations, medication review and management.SchenectadyCHILD GUIDANCE CENTERNORTHEAST PARENT AND CHILD SOCIETY
    Parent/Family Support ServicesThree Family Resource Centers provide information, peer support, recreation, referrals and linkages to services, support items, and advocacy for children, youth and families. A range of recreational activities for youth, peer-led support groups and peer self advocacy training and educational and vocational development are offered. There are support groups for parents of children with social, emotional, or behavioral concerns and a social worker will work with families and staff to help identify social, emotional or behavioral challenges at an earlier age through assessment, brief support/therapy, and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy.AlbanyFAMILY RESOURCE CENTERFAMILIES TOGETHER IN NEW YORK STATE
    Parent/Family Support ServicesProvides a number of support services to help families cope with a child with mental or emotional disabilities. Services include a food and clothing bank, after school activities, preschool programs, parenting education and a support group, parent/child activities, and a resource library with books and videos on all aspects related to parenting and family life, and about children with emotional/behavioral challenges.EssexFAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMFAMILIES FIRST IN ESSEX COUNTY
    Parent/Family Support ServicesThe Family Support / Resource Center offers family support, family team conferences, skill building, supervised visitation, and mentoring.SchoharieFAMILY SUPPORT / RESOURCE CENTERSCHOHARIE COUNTY COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM
    Residential Care ServicesCommunity Living provides individual residential alternatives for teens with developmental and emotional needs. RensselaerSUPPORTIVE INDEPENDENT LIVING (SILP)/SUPPORTIVE LIVING IRA (SLIRA)VANDERHEYDEN HALL
    Support Group ServicesParent Support affords parents, children and adolescents (17 and under) with emotional social and/or behavioral disorders an opportunity to support each other on a regular basis in a safe, confidential environment. Child care and transportation are provided, whenever possible.ColumbiaPARENT-TO-PARENT SUPPORT GROUPMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
    Support ServicesAfternoon Recreational Program (ARP) provides recreational and creative arts activities in a highly supervised after-school setting for 8 to 10 Albany County children aged 7-12 who have special mental health needs due to serious emotional disturbance. Children are scheduled to be involved in a range of small group activities, such as gym, recreation, music, and arts and crafts. Additional activities may include computer class, cooking class, movies, games, swimming and homework assistance. The emphasis is on having fun in a safe environment, where positive peer involvement and social interactions are fostered. Transportation to and from the program is provided. ARP is an adjunct to services that a child is receiving with their primary clinical program.AlbanyAFTERNOON RECREATIONAL PROGRAM (ARP)PARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Support ServicesOffers an after school programs for children with emotional or behavioral disorders, with the goal to support the child and enhance positive self-esteem. Also provides an after school program for any child in Gloversville Middle School, Kingsborough Elementary School and Park Terrace Elementary School in Gloversville, Fonda-Fultonville Elementary and Middle schools FultonAFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMSMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
    Support ServicesAlbany School Support II Project: Parsons Child and Family Center and Albany City School District are partners in the School Support II Project, collaboration between the NYS Office of Mental Health and the NYS State Education Department. This program is designed to provide services to elementary school-children who have emotional or behavioral needs, as well as provide support to the families of these children. The hope is that these services will help children succeed in school.AlbanyALBANY SCHOOL SUPPORT II PROJECTPARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
    Support ServicesCommunity-Based Prevention helps children with serious emotional disturbances by providing support to families and linkages to appropriate services in the community. The goal is to prevent out-of-home placements by providing case management support to families.ColumbiaCHILDREN'S CASE MANAGEMENTMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
    Support ServicesOffers intensive in-home clinical services which focus on skill building and family support for children or adolescents diagnosed with severe mental illness.ClintonHOME AND COMMUNITY BASED WAIVERBEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
    Support ServicesOffers supervised, community-based residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities or mental illness which works to integrate them in the community, and build as much independence as possible. Also provides respite care for families who need someone to care for a loved one while they rest or are away from home.FranklinRESIDENTIAL AND RESPITE CARECITIZEN ADVOCATES NORTH STAR FAMILY OF SERVICES
    Support ServicesThe Advantage Program (TAP) offers youth development opportunities, prevocational career exploration, academic assistance, and life skills activities in a therapeutic after-school setting to Albany County youth aged 12 to 18+ who are experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavior challenges. Instruction is comprehensive, with an emphasis on both hands-on skills and the acquisition of appropriate social and work-setting behaviors. Participants are offered transportation to and from the program. Recent prevocational offerings have included computer skills and repair, food services, photography, bicycle repair, music production, and woodworking. Participants receive a training allowance based on their performance and attendance in prevocational classes. A job readiness class and supervised, community-based job placements at area businesses are available to those who are eligible. In addition, crisis counseling, academic instruction, service learning, and pregnancy prevention groups are offered. TAP is an adjunct to services that a youth may be receiving with their primary clinical program.AlbanyTHE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM (TAP)PARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER

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