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Taxonomy Code: YF-1800

A severe, chronic disability that is attributable to a cognitive, neurological or physical impairment or a combination of cognitive, neurological and physical impairments; that is manifested during the developmental period (prior to age 22); that is likely to continue indefinitely; and that results in substantial functional limitations in three or more areas of major life activity including self-care, receptive and expressive language, learning, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.

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Service NameDescriptionLocationProgramAgency
Administration ServicesRensselaer County NYSARC administers Family Supports Services, Riverside Enterprises, the Community Inclusion Project, Residential Services, and Brunswick Center Services for the developmentally disabled. RensselaerADMINISTRATIVE OFFICESNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Advisory/Advocacy ServicesProvides an opportunity for those with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities to meet and discuss the needs of those in the group, and find ways to advocate a solution for a single person or the group regarding physical, political, discriminatory or other obstacles in the community.ClintonCROSS ROADSCEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
Advisory/Advocacy ServicesThe NYSDDPC Council is comprised of Governor-appointed volunteers. More than 60% of these volunteers must be individuals with developmental disabilities or family members. Other members include NYS State Agency representatives, UCEDD representatives, and representatives of the Protection and Advocacy System. In addition, a small staff of New York State employees supports the efforts of the Council in fulfilling its mission.AlbanyDEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES PLANNING COUNCILNEW YORK STATE DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES PLANNING COUNCIL (NYSDDPC)
Advisory/Advocacy ServicesProvides highly trained staff who are available to assist families with the services available through Medicaid and help in developing an individual’s life plan.WarrenMEDICAID SERVICE COORDINATIONNYSARC - WARREN, WASHINGTON, ALBANY COUNTIES CHAPTER
Advisory/Advocacy ServicesService Coordinators help people attain the highest quality of life and live as independently and productively as possible. They work in partnership with the person and/or family members to develop, implement and maintain an individual’s life plan. This life plan describes who the person is and his or her strengths, capacities, needs, valued outcomes and the supports and services he or she wants or needs to achieve these outcomes. The Service Coordinator is at the core of the advocacy and supports for each individual.FultonSERVICE COORDINATION PROGRAMLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Caregiver ServicesProvides both day and overnight respite care for caregivers or families who need a break of caring for a loved with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries.AlbanyCHILD AND ADULT RESPITE SERVICESCENTER FOR DISABILITY SERVICES
Case/Care Management ServicesBridges to Health (B2H) is a Medicaid Waiver Program designed to supplement NYS Medicaid state plan services to populations of foster care youth, their families and caregivers. Foster care children and youth may have medical/physical, emotional and/or developmental challenges. The program works to support children and caregivers in the lowest level of care possible including return to home and/or adoption. The goal of the program is to support youth as they reach their highest level of potential, attain permanency and develop social and emotional competencies that provide for healthy, permanent families. Available services include: Case Management/Health Care Integration; Skill Building; Family Caregiver Supports; Day Habilitation; Pre-vocational Services; Supported Employment; Planned Respite; Community Advocacy and Support; Crisis Avoidance, Management and Training; Immediate Crisis Response, In-home Support, and Crisis Respite; Accessibility Modification; and, Adaptive and Assistive Equipment.AlbanyBRIDGES TO HEALTH HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES WAIVERPARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
Case/Care Management ServicesThe Developmental Disability Program serves individuals developmental disabilities, and their families through advocacy, transportation and case management. The Department consists of the following components: outreach, case management, information and referral to additional services, “La Familia” activities for parents and caregivers, Medicaid service coordination, respite programs, family reimbursement and summer activities.MontgomeryDEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY PROGRAM (DDP)CENTRO CIVICO OF AMSTERDAM
Case/Care Management ServicesProvides a plan of care for families/care providers/ guardians with children and adultsdiagnosed with developmental disabilities. This program assists families/ care providers/ guardians to secure benefits, advocate in school, accessing programs and funding and providing crisis intervention and support.ClintonMEDICAID SERVICE COORDINATIONCLINTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC, INC, DBA/ADVOCACY AND RESOURCE CENTER
Case/Care Management ServicesSchenectady County residents with developmental disabilities receive assistance and advocacy to identify and access programs, activities and funding necessary to achieve life goals. Services are guided by an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) developed by the Medicaid Service Coordinator, consumer, family member and-or advocate. Medicaid Service Coordination can be provided at various locations throughout the community.SchenectadyMEDICAID SERVICE COORDINATIONNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Case/Care Management ServicesWildwood Programs' Medicaid Service Coordination assists individuals with developmental disabilities to gain access to the full array of services and supports available to them in the community, while promoting the concepts of choice, individualized services and supports and consumer satisfaction. The service coordinator works collaboratively with the individual, family and other service providers to develop and implement an individualized service plan, which outlines a person's goals, desires, and dreams.SchenectadyMEDICAID SERVICE COORDINATIONWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Case/Care Management ServicesKee to Independent Growth provides service coordinators to assist their clientele with developmental disabilities (such as Intellectual Disability, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy) work with the New York State Department OPWDD. Some of the services are: maintaining a one-on-one relationship with the client to ensure personal missions are acknowledged and supported, working with Medicaid and Medicare to ensure billing and other related services are met, supporting individuals in finding ways to maintain independence and self-sufficiency, enrolling individuals in day programs, supportive employment, and other suitable events for daily enrichment, assisting individuals achieve short term and long term goals, and working closely with doctors, specialists, psychologists, and therapists to ensure the clients health needs and other essentials are met.SaratogaOPWDD SERVICE COORDINATIONKEE TO INDEPENDENT GROWTH
Case/Care Management ServicesFamily Supports offers service coordination to assist individuals and families to identify and access the services and community supports unique to their needs. RensselaerSERVICE COORDINATIONNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Case/Care Management ServicesAssists the individual with development disabilities and their family with a plan of care to access benefits, advocate when needed, and find resources or services within the community.ClintonSERVICE COORDINATIONRESIDENTIAL RESOURCES
Case/Care Management ServicesMedicaid Service Coordinators provide assistance, advocacy, community connections, family linkages and referrals to assist people of all ages in attaining the highest quality of life and to be as independent as possible. SaratogaSERVICE COORDINATIONSARATOGA BRIDGES
Case/Care Management ServicesProvides service coordination services to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries to assist them in gaining and maintaining access to necessary services and supports appropriate to the needs of the individual. This includes the securing of clinical and family support services, benefit and entitlement assistance, monitoring of program and service quality, help with educational opportunities, home and vehicle modification, purchase of adaptive equipment, scheduling of respite and recreational opportunities, community integration, guardianship issues, residential placement, advocacy, and development of individualized plans. Family support services provide support, respite, and education for parents and other family members related to the individual with the developmental disability.AlbanySERVICE COORDINATION AND FAMILY SUPPORTCATHOLIC CHARITIES DISABILITIES SERVICES
Community-Based ServicesIndividualized supports, including Self-Directed Supports for individuals with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities.ColumbiaCOMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES (CSS)NYSARC - COLUMBIA COUNTY CHAPTER (COARC)
Disease/Disability Care ServicesAdult Residential Placement provides placement referrals to those people 18 years of age or older, who are mentally and/or physically impaired, in need of a supervised living situation, and who meet specified income levels. The Department can assist clients to access a family-type adult home, an adult home, or a nursing home placement.SchoharieADULT RESIDENTIAL PLACEMENTSCHOHARIE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES (DSS)
Disease/Disability Care ServicesThe Foothills Clinic offers speech, occupational and physical therapy: rehabilitation counseling: and psychiatric, and psychological services to the developmentally disabled. WarrenCLINICAL SERVICES - FOOTHILLS CLINICCOMMUNITY, WORK AND INDEPENDENCE
Disease/Disability Care ServicesProvides a day habilitation program for individuals with developmental disabilities, that focus on building life and independence skills.FranklinDAY HABILITATION PROGRAMFRANKLIN COUNTY COMMUNITY SERVICES
Disease/Disability Care ServicesDevelopmental Disabilities Regional Offices (DDROs) are the starting point to apply for services. With an eye to enhanced oversight and quality improvement, the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) has established regions that allow for better coordination of services with the State Office of Mental Health, State Department of Health and other agencies with whom we often partner in providing services.AlbanyDEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES REGIONAL OFFICES (DDRO)NEW YORK STATE OFFICE FOR PEOPLE WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES (OPWDD)
Disease/Disability Care ServicesDevelopmental Disabilities State Operations Offices (DDSOOs) administer and oversee state operations for the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), including the direct delivery of services and supports to people with developmental disabilities by state staff.AlbanyDEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES STATE OPERATIONS OFFICES (DDSOOs)NEW YORK STATE OFFICE FOR PEOPLE WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES (OPWDD)
Disease/Disability Care ServicesProvides early intervention programs and special preschools for children with developmental disabilities, including information for parents and referrals to other community resources and services.ClintonDEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES UNITCLINTON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT
Disease/Disability Care ServicesOffers Peer Counseling on Disabilities Issues, enables individuals with disabilities to hire their own personal assistants who are paid by Medicaid, and provides information and referral for individuals with disabilities and their families. Core services include peer counseling, independent living skills training, benefits advisement, individual and systems advocacy. Provides Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services in Rennselaer County.RensselaerDISABILITY CARE PROGRAMSINDEPENDENT LIVING CENTER OF THE HUDSON VALLEY
Disease/Disability Care ServicesProvides counseling for adults with any type of disability, including connecting them with other with the same disability, where ideas, concerns and life experiences can be shared. Also assists with assistive technology information, what devices might be good to increase or enhance independence.ClintonDISEASE/DISABILITY CARE SERVICESNORTH COUNTRY CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE
Disease/Disability Care ServicesOffers services and support for children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities or brain injuries. Services include day habilitation to work on life and social skills, and other activities to increase as much independence as possible, and case management to help them and their families keep track of all health-related needs. ClintonDISEASE/DISABILITY CARE SERVICESNORTH COUNTRY REGIONAL TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY CENTER
Disease/Disability Care ServicesProvides services that can show early identification through a developmental evaluation, then review the family concerns, prioritize needs, gather resources, develop an individualized plan, coordinate services to ensure that the individual and their family receive the needed care. Also provide day habilitation for older individuals to continue life skills training and get them to reach their highest level of independence.EssexEARLY INTERVENTION AND PRE-SCHOOL SERVICESMOUNTAIN LAKE SERVICES
Disease/Disability Care ServicesEarly Intervention is a free, voluntary program for children ages 0-3 that offers developmental assessments and services to children who qualify.GreeneEARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMGREENE COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT
Disease/Disability Care ServicesOffers service coordination, At-home support, and recreation services including a specialized Teen Rec program.UlsterFAMILY AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICESARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Disease/Disability Care ServicesFamily Support Services provides respite care and community habilitation for the developmentally disabled, to provide families with a break from the continuous challenges of caring for a developmentally disabled child and to enhance a child's fundamental skills in the areas of independence, integration, individualization and productivity. SchenectadyFAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES PROGRAM FOR DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED AND THEIR FAMILIESFAMILY AND CHILD SERVICE OF SCHENECTADY
Disease/Disability Care ServicesOffers assistance with the legal process of guardianship and also can serve as lifetime guardian.UlsterGUARDIANSHIP SERVICESARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Disease/Disability Care ServicesOffers residential habilitation, day habilitation, service coordination, and respite services to people with developmental disabilities.ColumbiaHABILITATION AND RESPITE CAREIN FLIGHT
Disease/Disability Care ServicesSchenectady ARC's intake services department helps individuals with disabilities and their families residing in Schenectady County to learn about, apply for and secure services needed to address their individualized interests and goals. Most Schenectady ARC services require a developmental disability diagnosis as approved by the NYS Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). In addition, many services require enrollment in the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver. Intake Specialists also assist individuals to prepare and submit applications for OPWDD and HCBS eligibilty.SchenectadyINTAKE SERVICESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Disease/Disability Care ServicesNew Beginnings MSC provides service coordination to assist people with developmental disabilities and apply for people to receive funding through New York State and various agencies for services and supports. Some examples are respite care, small grants, assistance in getting a residential placement or apartment of one's own, transportation to medical appointments through Medicaid, social and recreational programs, environmental modifications to home, day programs for adults, job coaching, etc. We also apply for funding for people to obtain services in their own homes that they are able to self-direct.RensselaerMEDICAID SERVICE COORDINATIONNEW BEGINNINGS MSC
Disease/Disability Care ServicesOffers teen and adult recreation programs for people with developmental disabilities who are living with their families not in a certified residence.UlsterRECREATION PROGRAMSARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Disease/Disability Care ServicesCommunity, group and individual housing services for adults of all ages with an emphasis on personal choice.UlsterRESIDENTIAL PROGRAMARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Early Education ServicesLexington provides speech/language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy to children who are referred by the Fulton County Department of Public Health for Early Intervention or Preschool Services. The Early Intervention Program is a statewide program that provides many different types of early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. We also offer Early Intervention Assessments.FultonEARLY INTERVENTION AND PRESCHOOL SERVICESLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Early Education ServicesPreschool Services to children with developmental and/or Intellectual disabilities including learning disabilities and Day Care for non-disabled children.ColumbiaPRESCHOOL PROGRAMNYSARC - COLUMBIA COUNTY CHAPTER (COARC)
Education ServicesOffers a school that focuses on the specific needs of children and adolescents with multiple disabilities, autism, brain injuries, developmental disabilities, etc. Also provides summer programs.AlbanyLANGAN SCHOOLCENTER FOR DISABILITY SERVICES
Education ServicesProvides various educational programs for students with physical, emotional or developmental disabilities. Other services included are physical, occupational and speech therapy, assitive technology, psychological services, and more. Programs offered: Program for Multiple Disabilities - Geared for students with severe developmental and physical disabilities and focus primarily on motor development, perceptual development, daily living skills, language development and socialization. Program for Developmental Disabilities - Geared for students with developmental disabilities and are unable to function in a less-restrictive educational program. Focus is on social, self-help and communication skills, and emphasizing reading, writing and math skills. Program for Emotional Disabilites - Geared to students with severe emotional disabilities (impulsiveness, inattentiveness, defiant behavior, and withdrawn, etc.) and focuses on behavior management and crisis intervention. Autism Program - Geared for students diagnosed with autism and focuses on social skills by utilizing research-based methods such as applied behavior analysis, visual strategies, picture exchange communication, augmentiative communication, functional behavioral assessment and postive behavior supports. ClintonSPECIAL EDUCATIONCHAMPLAIN VALLEY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (CV-TEC, SPECIAL EDUCATION, INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES)
Education/Training ServicesAlpha Community Opportunities is a blended prevocational and day program that provides a chance to earn a paycheck through training and specializes in hand assembly projects for businesses and organizations. People also learn daily living, social and recreational skills that increase their self-esteem and work ethic. Opportunities program encompasses day prevocational training, job coaching for community employment and volunteer positions.SaratogaALPHA COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIESSARATOGA BRIDGES
Education/Training ServicesProvides the necessary services to help individuals with developmental disabilities gain greater independence through job training. Services include job assessment, specialized and general job training, and interview skills. Also will have job coaches and other support needs as they begin working.EssexEMPLOYMENT TRAINING SERVICESMOUNTAIN LAKE SERVICES
Education/Training ServicesProvides support for individuals to learn the skills that are needed to obtain and maintain employment in the food service field.WarrenFOOD SERVICENYSARC - WARREN, WASHINGTON, ALBANY COUNTIES CHAPTER
Education/Training ServicesLife Prep, is an innovative day services program that coordinates a comprehensive set of services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live and work as independently as possible in their communities. Based on their individualized needs and interests, participants may (a) receive training in a variety of valuable daily living skills including healthy living, cooking, physical fitness, arts and crafts, Socialization, music and self-advocacy, (b) participate in volunteer community experiences for career exploration purposes, (c) based on prior eligibility, participate in Schenectady ARC's community-based or sheltered work programs in order to meet employment goals, (d) learn safe and effective ways of using various means of transportation to access the community and (e) provide support to individuals attending community college.SchenectadyLIFE PREP 1NYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Education/Training ServicesThe Student Transitional Education Program is a vocational education program which provides High School students with disabilities the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of job settings. It is intended to assist students in making career decisions, learn appropriate work habits, values, and to acquire new work skills. This is a work experience partnership between the school, provider and business community.SchoharieSTUDENT TRANSITIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (STEP)SCHOHARIE COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Employment ServicesAlpha Career Options (the Supported Employment Program) assists individuals who have a variety of disabilities by securing competitive positions in the community. They provide intensive job preparation, job development, placement, orientation, assessment and travel training. SaratogaALPHA CAREER OPTIONSSARATOGA BRIDGES
Employment ServicesCorinth Pallet and Production Facility employees construct custom-sized hardwood pallets. ENPAC Pallet leases a portion of the building presenting a vocational partnership and business venture.SaratogaALPHA INDUSTRIESSARATOGA BRIDGES
Employment ServicesPYHIT’s Altamont Program partners with the New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) to provide jobs for people with disabilities. We currently have close to 40 NYSID contracts for services including janitorial, culinary and digital imaging. Supported with workers from our vocational training programs, PYHIT employees are providing high-quality services to support business and industry across New York state.SchenectadyALTAMONT PROGRAMPETER YOUNG HOUSING, INDUSTRIES AND TREATMENT
Employment ServicesThis program provides training and support to students with developmental disabilities. Offers different levels of education programs with varying degrees of support to help students develop the skills they will need to live, learn and earn within the community. Programs also include transition support, job placement, life skills, transportation, etc.ClintonCAREER PATHWAYSCHAMPLAIN VALLEY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (CV-TEC, SPECIAL EDUCATION, INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES)
Employment ServicesChoices for Work is a vocational evaluation service that assists individuals with disabilities residing in Schenectady County to learn about their distinctive and diverse skills, aptitudes and interests in order to identify fulfilling and productive career choices. Through this service, individuals learn about careers which correspond to their skills, interests and abilities using traditional career exploration resources and on-site job try-outs, providing a first-hand opportunity to learn about different types of work. There are no pre-determined outcomes. At the conclusion of the service, a comprehensive, goal-oriented written report is generated providing information for pre-vocational and vocational planning. Services can be conducted on-site or at other locations. Choices for Work provides convenient access to other Schenectady ARC services including school-to-work transition, day habilitation, sheltered and supported employment. SchenectadyCHOICES FOR WORKNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesProvides support for individuals to learn the skills that are needed to obtain and maintain employment.WarrenCOMMUNITY EMPLOYMENTNYSARC - WARREN, WASHINGTON, ALBANY COUNTIES CHAPTER
Employment ServicesProvides support for individuals to learn the skills that are needed to obtain and maintain employment.WarrenCROSSROADS INDUSTRIESNYSARC - WARREN, WASHINGTON, ALBANY COUNTIES CHAPTER
Employment ServicesRiverside Enterprises Employment Services assists people with developmental disabilities to become successfully employed in the community. Job placements are done on an individualized basis to provide the best possible match between the person's needs, interests, skills, and the job site. RensselaerEMPLOYMENT SERVICESNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesWildwood's Employment Services program works collaboratively with consumers, families and businesses to empower and enable adults with disabilities to increase their level of independence and integration with business in the community. The Employment team helps the consumer identify appropriate employment goals that can be achieved through competitive placement. SchenectadyEMPLOYMENT SERVICESWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Employment ServicesSupported Employment specializes in job placement and job retention services for individuals with disabilities or other barriers. WarrenEMPLOYMENT SERVICES - SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTCOMMUNITY, WORK AND INDEPENDENCE
Employment ServicesEmployment Resources support individuals in order to prepare for, find and retain jobs. We specialize in working with people who have difficulty finding a job, people with disabilities and people who are receiving temporary assistance and/or food stamps. We provide support with job readiness training; placement in competitive industry; follow-up employment supports including job coaches; finding child care, transportation or appropriate clothing for work; and assistance with other personal needs.FultonEMPLOYMENT SUPPORTS PROGRAMLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Employment ServicesEssex Industries is a manufacturer of ash and cane canoe seats and accessories, and is the vocational component with Mountain Lake Services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals are trained in the woodworking shop, cutting and sewing machinery, and maintain employment.EssexESSEX INDUSTRIESMOUNTAIN LAKE SERVICES
Employment ServicesProvides training and employment opportunities for people with disabilitiesWarrenJANITORIAL SERVICESNYSARC - WARREN, WASHINGTON, ALBANY COUNTIES CHAPTER
Employment ServicesNew Directions Employment Services offers transitioning students and adults with disabilities living in Schenectady County assistance in finding and maintaining community-based employment. Services include career assessment, job finding, job placement, job coaching and ongoing follow-along services. Individual and group placement opportunities are available, the latter being appropriate for individuals who require a greater level of structure and supervision to maintain employment.SchenectadyNEW DIRECTIONS EMPLOYMENT SERVICESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesPine Ridge Industries is a sheltered workshop that provides a wide range of packaging, assembly and collation of large mailings to light manufacturing. Pine Ridge Industries also provides its participants with a range of community-based, group work opportunities. Participants receive supportive services necessary to maintain employment. SchenectadyPINE RIDGE INDUSTRIESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesProvides employment support services for adults with developmental disabilities to enhance independence by improving work skills, teaching them to follow instructions, attend and complete tasks, problem solve, workplace safety, communication and quality control. There is employment placement and support services through sub-contracting or gaining employment with a local business. Provides job support with job coaches, assistive technology, specialized job training and individually tailored supervision.ClintonPREVOCATIONAL SERVICES AND WORKFORCE NETWORKCLINTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC, INC, DBA/ADVOCACY AND RESOURCE CENTER
Employment ServicesRiverside Enterprises helps people learn the necessary employment skills to work in a paid community job. Riverside Enterprises is a combination of three product lines and a work force comprised of people with and without disabilities. Some of the workers with disabilities spend a portion of their week in community roles, such as volunteering or taking classes, building upon their interests, talents and choices. RensselaerRIVERSIDE ENTERPRISES WORK CENTERS/PRODUCTION OPERATIONSNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesProvides opportunities for seniors with a limited income to earn money by participating in support services in programs and residential sites for individuals with developmental disabilities.FranklinSENIOR COMPANIONSSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
Employment ServicesPine Ridge Industries is a sheltered workshop, providing adults with developmental disabilities a wide range of paid work activities ranging from packaging, assembly and collation of large mailings to light manufacturing. Pine Ridge Industries also provides its consumers with a variety of community-based, group work opportunities. Participants receive supportive services necessary to maintain employment. SchenectadySHELTERED EMPLOYMENT SERVICESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesThe Student Work Experience Program is currently serving the Mohonasen, Schalmont, Niskayuna and Schenectady City School districts. The student work experience provides high school students with disabilities an opportunity to gain hands-on experience at a variety of local businesses while learning appropriate work, social and job seeking skills. Students receive training from job coaches and are transported to and from work sites by the participating school district. Through this program, high school students with disabilities rotate through several unpaid work experiences allowing them to explore different types of career areas, learn appropriate work habits, work skills and job seeking skills.SchenectadySTUDENT WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAMNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesHigh School students with disabilities attending Schenectady County school districts receive assistance in locating and participating in paid, community-based employment during the summer of their Junior year. Job coaching services are provided to help students learn required job duties, policies and other employer expectations in order to acclimate to the work setting. Students must be enrolled in their high school's special education program. Funding is provided either through the participating school district or NYS Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID). Employment occurs at businesses located throughout Schenectady County.SchenectadySUMMER YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesMontgomery NYSARC provides vocational and supported employment services to individuals with disabilities and others in need. MontgomerySUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTNYSARC - MONTGOMERY COUNTY CHAPTER
Employment ServicesOffers job training and support services through the work center with an assessment and building practical job skills, and under supervision the participants work and get paid for a variety of services. There is also training in janitorial, greenhouse/horticultural or customer service.FranklinVOCATIONAL TRAININGCITIZEN ADVOCATES NORTH STAR FAMILY OF SERVICES
Financial Aid/Voucher ServicesFamily Reimbursement is a pool of money administered by a committee of family members, which provides a funding resource for families when their needs cannot be met by any other resources. RensselaerFAMILY REIMBURSEMENTNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Financial Aid/Voucher ServicesThe Family Reimbursement Program provides assistance to families who have a family member living at home with a developmental disability. This program is designed to assist families in meeting specific needs in caring for their developmentally disabled family member (i.e. purchase of respite and adaptive equipment)AlbanyFAMILY REIMBURSEMENTTRINITY ALLIANCE OF THE CAPITAL REGION
Financial Aid/Voucher ServicesIndividual Support Services (ISS) offers financial rental assistance to individuals with disabilities as a support service for independent living. WarrenINDIVIDUAL SUPPORT SERVICES (ISS)COMMUNITY, WORK AND INDEPENDENCE
Health Care ServicesHudson Valley Health Specialties, Inc. and Ulster Rehabilitation Clinic: Services include primary medical care, psychiatric, dental, vision, and psychology as well as speech, occupational and physical therapies among others. Also offers specialized autism training and services.UlsterHUDSON VALLEY HEALTH SPECIALTIES, INC.ARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Health Care ServicesPsychological, vocational and other rehabilitation services for persons with developmental disabilities.UlsterULSTER REHABILITATION CLINICARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Health/Medical Care ServicesBridges to Health (B2H) is an OCFS Medicaid Waiver Program that provides supplementary services to children in foster care. These services are specifically tailored to support the health and well-being of children in foster care with a serious emotional disturbance, developmental disability, or medical fragility. Northeast provides Health Care Integration and home/ community based services.SchenectadyBRIDGES TO HEALTH OCFS HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED WAIVER (B2H) FOSTER CARE PROGRAMNORTHEAST PARENT AND CHILD SOCIETY
Health/Medical Care ServicesLexington’s Article 16 Clinic offers extensive services to enhance independence, integration and productivity through clinical, diagnostic and support services for people who have developmental disabilities. Services are provided in individual, group or family counseling formats. We have qualified specialists in the following areas: social work, psychology, nursing, vocational rehabilitation, psychiatry, podiatry, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language pathology.FultonCLINICAL SUPPORTS PROGRAMLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Health/Medical Care ServicesProvides a comprehensive primary health care services, women’s health care, diabetic foot care for those who are uninsured or underinsured but accepting most private insurance.ClintonHEALTH CARE CENTERCEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
Health/Medical Care ServicesRidge Health Services is certified by the NYS Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to provide comprehensive medical, clinical and rehabilitation services to meet the specialized needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. The clinic is staffed with licensed health care and clinical professionals who offer a range of services including primary medical, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology, psychiatry, social work, vocational rehabilitation counseling, nutrition, podiatry and early intervention services. For some services there is a waiting list.SchenectadyRIDGE HEALTH SERVICESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Housing ServicesOffers housing options for individual with developmental disabilities as they gain some level of independence. A group home for those who need supervision, and continued life skills training, and supported independent apartments for those who need occasional support, as they live on their own.EssexHOUSING OPTIONSMOUNTAIN LAKE SERVICES
Housing ServicesProviding community living opportunities in a true home environment for individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities.WarrenRESIDENTIAL SERVICESNYSARC - WARREN, WASHINGTON, ALBANY COUNTIES CHAPTER
Information/Referral ServicesWildwood can provide information about a variety of developmental disabilities, such as autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and other neurologically based disabilities and can also make referrals to professionals expert in working with people with developmental disabilities, including doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and other human service agencies. Family and Community Services provides advisement on the issues of medical and psychological evaluations, service provider locations and understanding of the special education system. The department also facilitates advocacy and support groups and guidance in financial assistance.SchenectadyFAMILY AND COMMUNITY SERVICESWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Information/Referral ServicesProvides information and referrals to resources and services that can be accessed in surrounding communities for individuals with disabilities and their families. Also advocates in various ways to create, change or enhance the rights and services for those with disabilities.ClintonINFORMATION AND ADVOCACYNORTH COUNTRY CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE
Mental Health ServicesProvides comprehensive mental health care in a secured treatment facility for individuals with developmental disabilities who have been arrested, engaged in criminal-based behavior, or have mental illness.FranklinFORENSIC SERVICESSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
Mental Health ServicesProvides mental health care services for individuals with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities. Services include psychiatric evaluation, ongoing therapy and medication management.ClintonPSYCHIATRY AND COUNSELINGCEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
Mental Health ServicesComprehensive mental hygiene care is provided to youngsters from birth to age 18. Services include sexual abuse evaluation and treatment. Counseling, medication and case management services are provided to developmentally disabled children. RensselaerUNIFIED SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTSRENSSELAER COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH
Parent/Family Support ServicesProvides support to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, and their families through respite services, helping to improve quality of life, crisis intervention, and other individualized support care.FranklinFAMILY SUPPORTSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
Parent/Family Support ServicesLexington’s Family Services supports families in the community who are caring for a child or adult in their own home. Family support may take place at the family’s home, in the community or at a Lexington site. Family supports include respite; After School Program; evening and weekend recreation; childcare during school holidays and vacations; specialized groups; parent support groups and networks; and training, information and referral. Community Habilitation services include training and assistance to encourage a person to live, work and play as independently as possible in their own community.FultonFAMILY SUPPORTS PROGRAMLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Parent/Family Support ServicesProvides support and information to families with special needs children. Also matches parents, by request, with a trained support parent who has a child with a similar disability, chronic illness, or health care concern to help with parenting issues. This helps to build a support network and connect to tools and resources in the community. Also offers speakers to educate health care professionals, teachers, and others who care for children with special needs.ClintonPARENT/FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMPARENT TO PARENT OF NEW YORK STATE-ADIRONDACK AND SEAWAY VALLEY
Parent/Family Support ServicesThe Parent Network of the Capital Region is one of thirteen parent centers in the State funded by the State Education Department. It provides training and support to families who have school age children with disabilities. The mission is to provide parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources to facilitate productive relationships with their school districts ensuring an appropriate education for their child. These services are offered free of charge.SchenectadyPARENT NETWORK OF THE CAPITAL REGIONWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Parent/Family Support ServicesProvides temporary care to people with developmental disabilities to relieve the burden of the primary caregiver. Caregivers fill out voucher forms and submit them to the agency for payment for temporary help.UlsterRESPITE PROGRAMARC OF ULSTER-GREENE
Recreation/Sport/ Fitness ServicesProvides both a summer day and residential camp for children and adults with developmental disabilities, with fun and educational activities.AlbanyCLOVER PATCH CAMPCENTER FOR DISABILITY SERVICES
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesCreative Endeavors Art Center offers an opportunity to explore the fine arts in an integrated community setting. To cultivate their talents, classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, sewing, papermaking, woodworking, poetry, photography and jewelry are taught. They have a Gallery and Gift Boutique that showcase and sell their pieces. Also housed in the building is the Executive Closet, which is a Consignment Shop.SaratogaCREATIVE ENDEAVORS ARTS CENTERSARATOGA BRIDGES
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesProvides a recreation program geared for individuals with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities that gives them an opportunity to experience exercise, and various outdoor activities which offer health benefits and fun.ClintonOUTDOOR RECREATION PROGRAMCEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesSchenectady ARC's Princetown Ridge Day Program introduces individuals with developmental disabilities to a wide array of fun and enriching person-centered activities. Creative arts, recreation and leisure, independent living and employment preparation are among the many activities in which participants can engage. Volunteer opportunities are also available to help participants gain first-hand experience at different organizations throughout Schenectady County including the Regional Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, NYS Museum, and Salvation Army.SchenectadyPRINCETOWN RIDGE DAY CENTERNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesFamily Supports offers after-school, evening and weekend programs for developmentally disabled children, adolescents and adults which provide a variety of community-based opportunities for socialization, exercise, and leisure activities. RensselaerRECREATIONNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesWildwood's Recreation Program offers activities for individuals of all ages. The goals of the program include not only enjoyment of leisure time, but also socialization and integration within the community. The recreation staff creatively seek activities that broaden the participants' experience and further their goals in areas like social and life skills.SchenectadyRECREATION PROGRAMWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesSummer Day Camp for children with Developmental/Learning Disabilities and/or Intellectual Disabilities.ColumbiaSUMMER DAY CAMP PROGRAMNYSARC - COLUMBIA COUNTY CHAPTER (COARC)
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesBright Horizons Adult Day Services, now with four locations, provides a supportive and social environment for members and respite for their caregivers. Members engage in activities such as trivia, Wii games, light exercise, bingo, baking, billiards, and much more.AlbanyBRIGHT HORIZONS ADULT DAY SERVICESCOLONIE SENIOR SERVICE CENTERS
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesNursing, behavior management, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, recreation,and nutrition services are provided to individuals with developmental disabilities living in residential sites. Behavioral services are provided in family homes and who apply for services. AlbanyCLINICAL SERVICESCATHOLIC CHARITIES DISABILITIES SERVICES
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesWildwood Programs’ In-Home Residential Habilitation provides the assistance necessary to support individuals with developmental disabilities in their homes and communities. Services are individualized, person-centered, and goal-focused.SchenectadyCOMMUNITY HABILITATION PROGRAMWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesProvides day habilitation and vocational services for individuals with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries.AlbanyDAY HABILITATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMCENTER FOR DISABILITY SERVICES
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesThe Montgomery County Chapter of NYSARC provides day habilitation services to individuals with disabilities and others in need. MontgomeryDAY HABILITATION PROGRAMSNYSARC - MONTGOMERY COUNTY CHAPTER
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesRensselaer County NYSARC offers Day Habilitation services to individuals with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities or delays. RensselaerDAY HABILITATION PROGRAMSNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesDay programming nurtures independence, meaningful bonds, shared activity and self-esteem, and integrates individuals with barriers into the community. In addition to addressing habilitative, academic and psycho-social aspects, the programs are designed to meet the clinical needs of their participants. WarrenDAY HABILITATION SERVICESCOMMUNITY, WORK AND INDEPENDENCE
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesDay programs are located in Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Malta, Wilton, and Ballston Spa. Their ongoing goal is to have an active schedule of volunteerism. Adults over 21 showcase their contributions while making a significant impact to over 60 community sites. They work on developing new skills, discovering untapped talents and engaging in creative and innovative activites. On-site clinical srvices including nursing, dietary, psychological, physical, occupational and speech therapies maintain and enhance their overall health and well-being. Saratoga Bridges promotes a culture that allows individuals to find their own voice by facilitating self-advocacy groups.SaratogaDAY PROGRAMSARATOGA BRIDGES
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesProvides an individualized program, based on the level of severity for individuals with developmental disabilities. Services include educational, vocational, habilitative, supportive employment, socialization, and life skills training.FranklinDAY SERVICESSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesThe Day Habilitation programs vary in size and also vary in focus, though they all share a person-first approach with strong emphasis on wellness, community integration and individual growth and productivity. Engaged and Empowered, the wellness model of our day programs, supports each person in enhancing their physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and occupational needs.FultonDAY SUPPORTS PROGRAMLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesEddy DayBreak is an innovative adult day service that helps improve quality of life for seniors who still live independently in the community, or who are cared for by family members. DayBreak programs offer a full range of health and social services to help older adults with physical, emotional, or mental impairments, or who require supervision and/or medical care. Services enable older adults to remain independent for as long as possible, while allowing caregivers relief from the responsibilities of at-home caregiving so they can fulfill work or other obligations.RensselaerEDDY DAYBREAK ADULT DAY SERVICESNORTHEAST HEALTH
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesProvides assessment and training which is individually designed based on the needs and abilities of adults with developmental or acquired disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community. Training and development may include medication management, task completion, communication and interpersonal skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation, problem-solving skills, and money management.ClintonINDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTRESIDENTIAL RESOURCES
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesIn-Home Services are supports designed to assist a person with disabilities to learn the skills and get the necessary supports to pursue personal interests and aspirations. Residential habilitation is usually provided where the individual lives in their community. WarrenIN-HOME RESIDENTIAL HABILITATION SERVICESCOMMUNITY, WORK AND INDEPENDENCE
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesSchenectady ARC's Maple Ridge Day Program introduces individuals with developmental disabilities to a wide array of fun, safe and enriching person-centered activities. Creative arts, recreation and leisure, independent living and employment preparation are among the many activities in which participants can engage. Volunteer opportunities are also available to help participants gain first-hand experience at different organizations throughout Schenectady County including the Regional Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, NYS Museum, and Salvation Army.SchenectadyMAPLE RIDGE DAY PROGRAMNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesSchenectady ARC direct support professionals provide participants with in-home training that is individualized to meet their specific needs. Currently, there is a waiting list to receive this service. SchenectadyRESIDENTIAL HABILITATION SERVICESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesThe Schoharie County ARC Residential Services Program offers a variety of residential alternatives in community based settings.SchoharieRESIDENTIAL SERVICESSCHOHARIE COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesSunday Circle is a once a month service that offers Art, music and pet Therapy. Each special needs child is paired up with two college or high school volunteers. The children really have a great time alternating between activities and the best healthy snack table. Our circles have full time ABA therapist who dedicate many hours to the Friendship Circle.AlbanySUNDAY CIRCLECAPITAL REGION FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE
Residential Care ServicesThe Community Living program provides supported apartment-based residential opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities residing in Schenectady County. Schenectady ARC staff provide assistance with a variety of daily living activities as well as organized recreational outings and vacation opportunities. Currently there is a waiting list for this service. SchenectadyCOMMUNITY LIVING PROGRAMNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Residential Care ServicesOffers two levels of residential environments for individuals with developmental disabilities. Supervised Living - allowing residents active involvement in daily programs, around-the-clock supervision and support to enhance and maintain independence to live, work, socialize and participate in community life. Supported Living - offer oversight, guidance and intermittent support to residents who can live on their own, or with a roommate, in the community.AlbanyGROUP HOMESCENTER FOR DISABILITY SERVICES
Residential Care ServicesGroup Homes in Troy residential treatment for children and youth experiencing emotional, behavioral, and-or developmental challenges RensselaerGROUP HOMESVANDERHEYDEN HALL
Residential Care ServicesCommunity, Work, and Independence provides residential habilitation at group homes for adults with disabilities at several locations. WarrenGROUP RESIDENCES FOR ADULTS WITH DISABILITIESCOMMUNITY, WORK AND INDEPENDENCE
Residential Care ServicesProvides community living options to individuals with disabilities. MontgomeryGROUP RESIDENCES FOR ADULTS WITH DISABILITIESNYSARC - MONTGOMERY COUNTY CHAPTER
Residential Care ServicesHolt House is a specialized program serving 11 adults who have both a mental illness and developmental disability. It offers a structured daily schedule as well as training and support to live more independently.AlbanyHOLT HOUSEEQUINOX
Residential Care ServicesOffers various housing options, based on the level of need or severity for individuals with developmental disabilities. Housing ranges from community-based group homes to independent secured settings.FranklinHOUSING OPTIONSSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
Residential Care ServicesIndividualized Residential Alternatives (IRA) are Schenectady ARC-operated, community based group residences for Schenectady County residents with developmental disabilities. These facilities offer all the comforts of home, including healthy meals, social outings and house vacations. Trained staff provide personalized assistance on a 24-hour, seven day-a-week basis. SchenectadyINDIVIDUALIZED RESIDENTIAL ALTERNATIVE (IRA)NYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Residential Care ServicesProvides a community-based group home for adults with developmental disabilities that looks to enhance growth and independence based on the abilities of each resident. Also offers respite care services for families or caregivers who need a few hours or a few days of relief from the daily care of a loved one.ClintonRESIDENTIAL AND RESPITE SERVICESCLINTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC, INC, DBA/ADVOCACY AND RESOURCE CENTER
Residential Care ServicesSaratoga Bridges' Residential Program has 19 community-based homes, supportive apartments, and Family Care Providers that offer a variety of living arrangements. All of their homes are located in attractive, safe neighborhoods, blend into their surroundings inconspicuously and are always highly maintained. They believe a home is an essential part of a person's life and provide 24-7 support and services so people can successfully live work, recreate, volunteer and socialize in the community.SaratogaRESIDENTIAL PROGRAMSARATOGA BRIDGES
Residential Care ServicesOperates several homes for individuals with developmental disabilities providing housing and related services, certified by the NYS Office of People with Developmental Disabilities. These settings include supervised group living, with 24-hour staffing and supervision. AlbanyRESIDENTIAL PROGRAMSCATHOLIC CHARITIES DISABILITIES SERVICES
Residential Care ServicesWildwood's residential programs serve individuals with all levels of disability and are designed to provide individuals with the highest quality services while providing the feeling that where they live is truly home. Serving 179 families from nine counties. Services include: Community residences: Currently 16 houses in Albany, Schenectady, Alplaus, Castleton, Clifton Park, Guilderland, and Delmar for a total of approximately 100 adults, Supervised transitional apartments: Latham for 14 adults, Supported apartments/individualized residential programs: Latham, Albany, Schenectady, Castleton, Clifton Park and Saratoga for 67 adults.SchenectadyRESIDENTIAL SERVICESWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Residential Care ServicesResidential Services provides a variety of apartment arrangements to individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals can live alone or with a roommate, depending upon their personal preferences. Staff support can range from a few hours a week to as many as 30 hours per week. RensselaerRESIDENTIAL SERVICES APARTMENT SETTINGSNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Residential Care ServicesARC Residential Services provides Group Homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. Group Homes range in size from 3 to 8 people. Acceptance into a home is based upon need, compatibility with the other residents, physical accessibility issues, and an individual's desire to live in a particular home. RensselaerRESIDENTIAL SERVICES GROUP HOMESNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Residential Care ServicesProvides both Supervised (24 hour/7 days per week) Residential Supports and Supportive (less than 24 hour) supports to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.ColumbiaRESIDENTIAL SERVICES PROGRAMNYSARC - COLUMBIA COUNTY CHAPTER (COARC)
Residential Care ServicesResidential Support Program provides opportunities that are individualized to meet the needs and desires of the person supported and include: homes with 24-hour live-in support, supported apartments with daily or less frequent visits, homes with 24-hour medical support for persons who are frail due to age or medical condition, independent apartments with only the level of support desired, living with a family in the community and homes for children, men, women and seniors.FultonRESIDENTIAL SUPPORTS PROGRAMLEXINGTON - FULTON COUNTY CHAPTER NYSARC
Residential Care ServicesCommunity Living provides individual residential alternatives for teens with developmental and emotional needs. RensselaerSUPPORTIVE INDEPENDENT LIVING (SILP)/SUPPORTIVE LIVING IRA (SLIRA)VANDERHEYDEN HALL
Specialized Medical Care ServicesProvides foot care (podiatry) services for individuals with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities who need to see a doctor for foot, ankle problems.ClintonFOOT CARECEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
Support ServicesSchenectady ARC provides after-school services to children with developmental disabilities who reside in the Scotia-Glenville Central School District. This initiative offers an array of fun-filled adaptive activities at no cost to families, capitalizing on each child's strengths while recognizing their disability-related barriers. These activities are individualized to the needs, abilities and interests of the child and family. They include arts and crafts, nutritious and wholesome snacks, assistance with homework, board games, small and large group recreational activities and games, and social-behavioral skill training.SchenectadyAFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesThe Berne-Knox-Westerlo After-School Program is an after-school program for students with developmental or behavioral problems. AlbanyBERNE-KNOX-WESTERLO AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMSAINT CATHERINE'S CENTER FOR CHILDREN
Support ServicesSaratoga Bridges provides a brief period of rest or relief for family members, guardians or others who are regular caregivers for individuals with developmental disabilities by offering temporary respite care for the adult in their own home. Community Habilitation and Respite provides access to supports and opportunities to to learn new skills and pursue interests at home or in the community while giving parents times and confidence that their child is safe and well-cared for by trained staff.SaratogaCOMMUNITY HABILITATION AND RESPITESARATOGA BRIDGES
Support ServicesThe Community Inclusion Project connects persons with developmental disabilities on an individual basis to local community life based upon their choices. The Project helps people to become involved in volunteer jobs, associations, churches, recreational groups, and self-development-educational activities. RensselaerCOMMUNITY INCLUSION PROJECTNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesHabilitation services for adults and children living in their own homes or with family and relief services to primary caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. Service is provided for the individual with the diagnosis only and respite service is generally provided at home as there is not transportation attached to this service. Direct services provided in the home for individuals with developmental disabilities are tailored to the individual's needs, ranging from respite for the caregiver, supervision for the individual.AlbanyCOMMUNITY SUPPORTS SERVICES AND RESPITE AT HOMECATHOLIC CHARITIES DISABILITIES SERVICES
Support ServicesOffers supports and education to families who have children under the age of 18. The purpose of this service is to enhance the family’s knowledge, skills, and decision making capacity to help them care for a child with developmental disabilities.ClintonFAMILY EDUCATION & TRAININGNORTH COUNTRY REGIONAL TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY CENTER
Support ServicesRensselaer ARC offers a Family Respite program designed specifically to provide a time of rest for families of individuals with developmental disabilities living at home. Both children and adults are welcome to visit the house on weekends, and visits can be as short as a day or as long as the entire weekend. RensselaerFAMILY RESPITE SERVICESNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesProvides various support services to individuals with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities and their families through case management, education, reimbursement vouchers for good and services not covered by Medicaid, and information and referrals to other resources and services that a family may require.ClintonFAMILY SERVICESCEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
Support ServicesThe Montgomery County NYSARC (Liberty) provides family support services, including recreational activities, respite care and school recess programs. A minimum of 120 hours of respite care is given every year at no cost to the family or an adult with a developmental disability. Staff care for people in a Liberty home or in the person's own home. When a family crisis occurs, Liberty helps with emergency respite as needed at no cost. A variety of athletic, social, and special events are scheduled on evenings and weekends each month. Activities include bowling, swimming, cooking, arts and crafts, dances, and participation in Special Olympics sports training and events. Transportation is provided.MontgomeryFAMILY SUPPORT SERVICESNYSARC - MONTGOMERY COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesFamily Support Services helps families care for their special-needs children at home, averting the need for placement. Services for families include respite, parent support and training, after school care, and family resources. RensselaerFAMILY SUPPORT SERVICESVANDERHEYDEN HALL
Support ServicesFamily Support provides respite care and in-home habilitation services to the developmentally disabled. RensselaerFAMILY SUPPORTS SERVICESNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesThe Guardianship service assists families and-or advocates through the legal process of becoming a guardian for an adult with a disability. RensselaerGUARDIANSHIPNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesProvides self-care training based on the needs and abilities of adults with developmental or acquired disabilities. Training can focus on daily living skills such as bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, meal preparation, eating, household tasks, laundry, transportation, and shopping. Training can be done in a group setting or at home.ClintonHOME AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICESRESIDENTIAL RESOURCES
Support ServicesOPWDD has launched Pathway to Employment, a person-centered career planning and support service that will help individuals with developmental disabilities reach their employment goals. This service will engage individuals in: identifying a career/vocational direction, provide instruction and training in pre-employment skills, and develop a path for achieving competitive, integrated employmentAlbanyOPWDD'S PATHWAY TO EMPLOYMENTNORTHEAST CAREER PLANNING
Support ServicesOffers supervised, community-based residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities or mental illness which works to integrate them in the community, and build as much independence as possible. Also provides respite care for families who need someone to care for a loved one while they rest or are away from home.FranklinRESIDENTIAL AND RESPITE CARECITIZEN ADVOCATES NORTH STAR FAMILY OF SERVICES
Support ServicesRespite Services provide Schenectady County families of individuals with developmentally disabilities with temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities. Services are provided in the home setting or through community-based recreational outings by a respite worker. There is a waiting list for this service. SchenectadyRESPITE SERVICESNYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
Support ServicesRiverside Enterprises offers school-to-employment services for students with developmental disabilities, by developing a working partnership with the school in support of the young adult's success in community employment. School district staff and Riverside Employment staff support freshmen through senior students to become employed competitively by graduation and provide post-graduation employment support. RensselaerSCHOOL TO EMPLOYMENT TRANSITIONNYSARC - RENSSELAER COUNTY CHAPTER
Transition Support ServicesBridging the gap between traditional day services and competitive employment by helping participants develop life, social and career skills appropriate for the workplace.SchenectadyTRANSITION-TO-WORKWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
Youth Enrichment ServicesFarming and outdoor Projects fosters a variety of experiences and skills while participants learn about farming, green industry skills, landscaping, and animal husbandry. In addition to the direct benefit of learning new skills, the participants learn the value of teamwork and they build their self esteem through the completion of long-term projects. SchenectadyFARMING AND OUTDOOR PROJECTSWILDWOOD PROGRAMS

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