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    Taxonomy Code: PH-6200.4600

    Programs that offer training which focuses on the knowledge and skills an individual may need to live independently or make a successful transition to independent living. Participants may include runaway youth who are living on their own, youth who because of age can no longer be maintained in foster care, new widows, victims of domestic abuse, people who have previously been homeless, and others who have lived in an environment in which decision making and responsibilities of daily living have been handled by another as well as people currently living independently who want to be more effective. Training may address job search and retention, money management, insurance, taxes, rental agreements, vehicle purchase, nutrition, home management, health care, legal emancipation for teens and other similar topics.

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    Service NameDescriptionLocationProgramAgency
    Disease/Disability Care ServicesProvides counseling for adults with any type of disability, including connecting them with other with the same disability, where ideas, concerns and life experiences can be shared. Also assists with assistive technology information, what devices might be good to increase or enhance independence.ClintonDISEASE/DISABILITY CARE SERVICESNORTH COUNTRY CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE
    Education ServicesServing 176 adults from a nine county region. Provide continuing education in GED and Pre-GED education, vocational skills, life skills, social skills and recreational education.SchenectadyADULT EDUCATION PROGRAMSWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
    Education ServicesProvides various educational programs for students with physical, emotional or developmental disabilities. Other services included are physical, occupational and speech therapy, assitive technology, psychological services, and more. Programs offered: Program for Multiple Disabilities - Geared for students with severe developmental and physical disabilities and focus primarily on motor development, perceptual development, daily living skills, language development and socialization. Program for Developmental Disabilities - Geared for students with developmental disabilities and are unable to function in a less-restrictive educational program. Focus is on social, self-help and communication skills, and emphasizing reading, writing and math skills. Program for Emotional Disabilites - Geared to students with severe emotional disabilities (impulsiveness, inattentiveness, defiant behavior, and withdrawn, etc.) and focuses on behavior management and crisis intervention. Autism Program - Geared for students diagnosed with autism and focuses on social skills by utilizing research-based methods such as applied behavior analysis, visual strategies, picture exchange communication, augmentiative communication, functional behavioral assessment and postive behavior supports. ClintonSPECIAL EDUCATIONCHAMPLAIN VALLEY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (CV-TEC, SPECIAL EDUCATION, INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES)
    Education/Training ServicesAlpha Community Opportunities is a blended prevocational and day program that provides a chance to earn a paycheck through training and specializes in hand assembly projects for businesses and organizations. People also learn daily living, social and recreational skills that increase their self-esteem and work ethic. Opportunities program encompasses day prevocational training, job coaching for community employment and volunteer positions.SaratogaALPHA COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIESSARATOGA BRIDGES
    Education/Training ServicesProvides an environment within which participants can be involved in meaningful activities that allow them to grow and learn, pursue personal goals and interests, gain greater independence and make a contribution to their community. Consumers participate in a variety of activities each of which meets specific goals for the individual. Volunteer opportunities across the Capital Region often leading to paid jobs.SchenectadyDAY SERVICESWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
    Education/Training ServicesProvides individuals with disabilities and their families with the knowledge and support of what is needed and what do when confronted with various issues which affect habilitation and independence. Assists also with transition support as students are leaving school and getting ready to begin life outside or away from the family.ClintonEDUCATION/TRAINING SERVICESNORTH COUNTRY CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE
    Education/Training ServicesThe Jamison-Rounds Ready for Work (JR-RFW) Employment Training Program provides women either residing at the YWCA-GCR or in the community, with job readiness training, on site work experience, case management, resource referral and 360 Degrees of Support. The goal of this program is to provide women with the skills they need in order to obtain and maintain permanent employment at a livable wage. The training areas include our Front Desk, Sally Catlin Resource Center and Food Pantry. We also provide training hours in the form of meetings, discussion and goal planning. Classes are held Monday-Friday 10:00 am-2:00 pm. This is a 12 week employment training program and is held in three sessions per year. A graduation ceremony is held at the end of each session.RensselaerJAMISON-ROUNDS READY FOR WORK (JR-RFW) EMPLOYMENT TRAINING PROGRAMYWCA OF THE GREATER CAPITAL REGION (YWCA-GCR)
    Education/Training ServicesLife Prep, is an innovative day services program that coordinates a comprehensive set of services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live and work as independently as possible in their communities. Based on their individualized needs and interests, participants may (a) receive training in a variety of valuable daily living skills including healthy living, cooking, physical fitness, arts and crafts, Socialization, music and self-advocacy, (b) participate in volunteer community experiences for career exploration purposes, (c) based on prior eligibility, participate in Schenectady ARC's community-based or sheltered work programs in order to meet employment goals, (d) learn safe and effective ways of using various means of transportation to access the community and (e) provide support to individuals attending community college.SchenectadyLIFE PREP 1NYSARC - SCHENECTADY COUNTY CHAPTER
    Education/Training ServicesThe soft skill are offered to enable an individual to acquire the skills necessary for independent living.SchenectadyLIFE SKILLS EDUCATION/SEX TRADE WORKERSSAFE INC OF SCHENECTADY
    Education/Training ServicesThe Life Skills Training Center provides training in essential life skills for City Mission residents. It includes a Home Management Center, an Innovative Learning and Career Center, and workshops in nutrition, parenting, and workplace readiness. The Learning and Career Center provides classes in literacy, budgeting, GED preparation, and career planning, and also offers on-the-job training opportunities.SchenectadyLIFE SKILLS TRAINING CENTERCITY MISSION OF SCHENECTADY
    Employment ServicesSAFE offers assistance in helping those who have engaged in street prostitution find paid employment. SchenectadyJOB SEARCH/PLACEMENT FOR FORMER /SEX TRADE WORKERSSAFE INC OF SCHENECTADY
    Homeless ServicesProvides residence and treatment for 21 women who can have their children with them up to the age of 8.AlbanyWOMEN AND CHILDREN'S COMMUNITY RESIDENCEHOPE HOUSE
    Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesDiscipleship Program and Bridges to Freedom Both one year and 90-day rehabilitation programs include counseling, Bible study, Chapel, vocational training, job readiness and life skills training. Bridges to Freedom is a co-ed strength-based instructive discipleship program which offers a Bible-based curriculum to participants. It helps men and women learn about emotional and behavioral difficulties, their effects, and strategies to deal with them.SchenectadyBRIDGES TO FREEDOMCITY MISSION OF SCHENECTADY
    Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesProvides an individualized program, based on the level of severity for individuals with developmental disabilities. Services include educational, vocational, habilitative, supportive employment, socialization, and life skills training.FranklinDAY SERVICESSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
    Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesProvides assessment and training which is individually designed based on the needs and abilities of adults with developmental or acquired disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community. Training and development may include medication management, task completion, communication and interpersonal skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation, problem-solving skills, and money management.ClintonINDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTRESIDENTIAL RESOURCES
    Support ServicesProvides a variety of services to help individuals with blindness or visual impairments through daily living skills classes, traveling and mobility training.ClintonDAILY LIVING AND MOBILITY TRAININGNORTH COUNTRY ASSOCIATION FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED
    Support ServicesIndependent living services for children aging out of foster care includes life skill assessments, interest profiles, career exploration, and community competency development. SchenectadySUPERVISED INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAMNORTHEAST PARENT AND CHILD SOCIETY
    Transition Support ServicesThe Independent Living Program provides services for youth residing in foster care who have a discharge goal of independent living because reunification and adoption are no longer viable alternatives, or in instances where youth have a different discharge goal but are otherwise appropriate for Independent Living Services.AlbanyTHE INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAMALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT FOR CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    Transition Support ServicesBridging the gap between traditional day services and competitive employment by helping participants develop life, social and career skills appropriate for the workplace.SchenectadyTRANSITION-TO-WORKWILDWOOD PROGRAMS
    Youth Enrichment Services4-H creates opportunities for youth to develop life skills by practicing learned knowledge and gaining wisdom through observing, doing and living through project experiences.Schenectady4-HCORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION IN SCHENECTADY COUNTY

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