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Recreation/Sport/Fitness Services

· 603 State Street, Schenectady, NY, 12305 · Map

First United Methodist Church Music Program has weekly choir and handbell rehearsals, weekly music Sunday mornings, and several free concerts each year. …


Rehabilitation/Habilitation Services

· 44 Rose Court, Albany, NY, 12209

Sunday Circle is a once a month service that offers Art, music and pet Therapy. Each special needs child is paired up with two college or high school volunteers. The children really have a great time alternating between activities and…


Youth Enrichment Services

· 15 Trinity Place, Albany, NY, 12202 · Map

The After-school Culture Arts Recreation and Education (CARE) program offers a full line of stimulating and enriching programs and Summer camp for ages 5-12 for six weeks full days. Some activities include music-dance classes, individual lessons or other…

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